Friday, March 14, 2008

Another Great Week

Good Morning. I can't believe it is Friday and already the middle of March! We have had a good week this week. Monday we got some much needed rain. Wednesday we had a good community work day. The men put up 4 walls on Josie's cabin. It looks great. I would bet she will post pictures on the blog titled "Irbs and Stuff." That night Michael did the first part of the headcoverings sermon. I am looking forward to the next part. Then on Thursday evening we had a visitor, Mark Contra. He is driving a truck now and still working towards getting off grid soon. It was great to see him. Now it's Friday and time to prepare for the Sabbath. I am looking forward to having a Sabbath with no driving or leaving town. Just rest and a time to read and study.

Also this week Michael got to enjoy some fresh lettuce, mustard greens, and green onions from the garden. One day he had them on a sandwich and the other he enjoyed a salad. It will be around 90 degrees today so maybe, Lord willing, we are done with the 20+ degree mornings.

Our chicks are still doing well. We are blessed to have not had any die. Tracy did lose 2 rabbits from her litter of 7 but we still have 5 and they are doing well.

We are starting to the preparations for Ranchfest too. It's hard to believe it has been almost 6 months since the last one. Lord willing, this will be another wonderful time of fellowship and work.

Shabot Shalom.


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