Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Home Again

Michael picked up Jennifer, Robert, and me in Sweetwater. Then we went and got some chicks in Abiliene. We got 20 for us and 20 for the Antes. We drove home with the boxes of chicks in Robert and Jennifer's laps in the backseat. By the time we got home they had named a few and "claimed" them as their pets. They are all doing well, the chicks and the children.

For breakfast Sunday morning we just had oatmeal. Last time I left I learned not to try and cook in a kitchen when you have been gone awhile. I got up at 5:00 last time I returned and cooking was a huge chore because I could not find anything. The children are still working on putting things where mom wants them and usually has them. It is Tuesday and I think we have things organized again. We had a great fellowship on Sunday. It was good to see everyone again.

Today is beautiful and sunny. I have not gotten to do any laundry here at the ranch for almost two weeks now. So I will be doing a bunch of hand wash laundry loads today. We got a good amount of rain while I was gone and we caught plenty of water for laundry. When the water is scarce, I wash everything at a laundry mat. When water is not scarce, I hand wash some of the laundry to save money. I was able to get a nice new washboard a few months ago and try some homemade soap recipes recently. We also have a wringer to help squeeze out the water. Then on to the laundry line.

Lord willing, tomorrow will be community work day. We will be doing some work on Josie's cabin and other small jobs. Work day is usually the first Wednesday of the month but last Wednesday it was too muddy. I am hoping for another sunny and beautiful day tomorrow. Y'all have a good day today.

Reforming Daily,


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