Friday, April 4, 2008

After a Long Absence

here I am. Another Friday that came quickly. This week we were canning bacon a few of the days. It was on sale so Michael bought a bunch(30 lbs this time) and we canned it. Last week we bought 20 lbs and canned that. That week we were also canning other kinds of pork. We had butchered our first pig. It reminded me of my college days when I dissected many different kinds of animals but those animals were in formaldehyde so we never had to worry about doing it quickly so the meat would not spoil. That day we were blessed with perfect weather cold but not too cold. The sun would shine for a while and then it would be cloudy. Not much wind to speak of either. The pig also cooperated quite well as far as being able to single him out and lead him out of the pen. We were able to lead him right where we needed him to go. It sounds funny but it was fun for the whole family to do together.

The children have been watching Michael work on his garden so they had to plant their own gardens. They are all cute and growing well. Sarah even found some corn in the Michael's garden that was from last year and she planted it and has gotten 2 spouts that are doing well. The children also took some of my flower seeds and planted a few flowers.

Another Ranchfest is upon us and we are really looking forward to the fun, fellowship, food and work. It is always a fun time of meeting new people and seeing some familiar faces. We will be partaking in a Passover Seder also. Last year we had it at the Ante's semi-built home. The Ante's house is now mostly finished and looks great.

I have never heard of this but I have had a problem lately with a mouse eating my seedling flowers. It's the strangest thing. They are back in a motorhome used primarily for homeschool. I put them back there because there is a big south facing window. Over the last few days everytime I go back I am missing a plant or I can tell the leaves were just nibble off and eaten. So I will be setting some traps today in addition to the regular Sabbath preparation jobs.

Shabot Shalom,


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