Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Ranchfest and the Quilt Show

Hello again. After a great Ranchfest things are starting to get into a normal rhythm again. We had lots of work, food, and fellowship. This year too we had a ladies sewing day at Kris Ante's house. Which was really a day to do any of the hobbies the ladies liked. I did not get to go since things were busy at my house but I know there was crocheting, embroidery, sewing and other things too. I thought it was great fun for the ladies that attended.

Jennifer and I had been working on our first quilt together. I had bought a kit at a homeschool convention a while back. We started on it last year but soon found out that the blocks(and most of the other stuff in the kit) were not cut accurately. So after we got the blocks done and realized they were not the size they were supposed to be I guess I got a little discouraged. It was put away for awhile. A few months later I decided to try and do something with it. I did not want all that work to go to waste. So Jennifer and I worked on it some more and after some improvisations we got it finished. We entered it in the Brownwood quilt show in the youth division. When I went on Friday to drop off the entries I found out that Jennifer's entry was the only one in the youth division. Now that is a sad commentary on society. Tracy entered one too. It was one Michael's grandmother had made for him. We entered it in the Antique division. We had to go and pick the quilts up on Sunday after our regular fellowship. Jennifer got a ribbon!

She was so excited. I really hope this sparks more interest in quilting. I have saved up a bunch of our old dresses to make more and do it the way quilting started - making them out of old clothes. A friend of the ministry did send me some material and that is what I used for the backing instead of what was in the kit. Thanks Elaine! OK, after waiting for more pictures to upload I have run out of time. I will continue this blog hopefully later on today. Lord willing, to be continued....


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