Friday, May 30, 2008

End of May

Here we are at the end of May and it is hard to believe 2008 is almost half over. It's been a busy year and we have learned many new things. This week we had a ham that we butchered, cured, and prepared for a meal. It was good and what did not get eaten we canned. I canned the ham along with the lard we got off the pig. Here are some pictures I took as I rendered some lard we got from the butcher. First I cut it.

Then I put it in a pot and heated it slowly.

While it heated slowly at a low temperature it was a good time to get some school done with the children.

We don't usually do school on the porch since I have a "schoolroom" but I needed to be on the porch to watch the lard. I had a picture of the finished lard and home ham ready to can but I think my camera ate it. I got 2 quarts of lard and 3 quarts of ham and canned them this week.

We also got some hand washed laundry done. The light summer clothes are easy to do at home and I was able to cut my laundry loads that I do at the laundry in town in half. Everyone got in on the washing fun and did their own clothes even Robert:

The children had fun this week catching a bird that has placed her nest in a place which makes it easy to catch her. The children occasionally catch her, hold her for a while, and let her go.

Sarah's arm, Jennifer's toe, and Michael's toe are all healing nicely. No signs of infection or other complications. Infections were my main concern with the open injuries. And Tracy butchered 3 rabbits this week and, praise the Lord, no cuts(on her at least). It was neat watching her do it. I helped a little but she did most of the work and she did a great job.

Keep praying for rain for us. We need it and so does our garden. Speaking of I need to go get some watering done before the sabbath. Happy trails!

Shabot Shalom,


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