Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Local Nursery Visit

Recently our family visited a Santa Anna nursery. We all had a great time. The children have been planting gardens of their own and they were looking for some more plants to plant. Mr. Woods had also had the lady at the nursery hold a blackberry bush for Michael. So we all got in the truck and after having lunch together in town we went to the nursery. I also wanted to look at the flowers they had there too. I love flowers! Here is Sarah showing me some:

Here is Robert standing by a section of cacti:

This is Jennifer by one of the banana trees:

Robert wanted to buy some plants for his garden. He bought some yellow banana pepper plants that were half price. The lady at the nursery was excited to see a 9 year old interested in gardening. She gave Robert some tomato plants that needed to be planted soon and some nice looking cantaloupe plants. Robert gave some of these plants to Sarah and Jennifer for their gardens. Here is a picture of all the plants we got:

There was a vine growing on the fence around the nursery and one of the children noticed the beautiful blooms. We asked what it was and were told it was a Passion Vine.

Its not a real clear picture but it does show how unusual the blooms are. We really had a great time visiting the nursery. Here is Sarah after the visit:

Thank you Judy for your suggestions about my herb garden. I moved it to the east side of the cabin. Now it gets sun only in the morning and early afternoon.

I,as a parent, am blessed that the Lord has led me to raise my children knowing and loving the Lord and His creation. I am blessed to not have the struggles many parents have and I have the Lord to thank for that.

In Christ,


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