Friday, May 16, 2008

Sarah and The Doctor

Sarah and I went to the doctor today to find out if she needed a full cast. When the doctor came in he first suggested x-raying it again to see if we saw anything different. Then he went out to go check something. He came back in a claimed that if it were his "kid" he would just leave the half cast on and come back in a couple of weeks. I personally think that he went out to check to see if we carried insurance because when he came back in he said he also did not want to run up the bill and in his opinion the half cast was going to be fine. He was a very nice man and even gave me a free pediatric sling. I asked if I could buy an extra one so that when I need to wash it she would have another one to put on her arm. He just gave me another one. A sling on a 4 year old does not stay clean very long! Especially one that is mostly white! I walked out of his office having to pay nothing for the visit. The Lord really blessed us today and now we are just waiting on the ER bill from the hospital. Overall, my experience with a small town hospital was much more pleasant than some of the big city hospitals I have been to as a patient.

I also did not fill out everything on their new patient forms. I have worked in doctors offices before and many of those forms require needless information. Especially pediatric forms that seem to ask EVERYTHING. I figured if they needed some of the information that I left blank they could just ask me and we could decide then if they really needed it for the visit. But nothing was ever asked.

Family and friends are always asking me to post more pictures of the children and I took some good ones last week so here they are:

Sarah, 4 years old, still has a mark from the cut she got last week that required a butterfly stitch.

Robert, 9 years old

Jennifer, 10 years old

Tracy, will be 15 this month

The Lord has really blessed Michael and me with a beautiful family.

Shabot Shalom,


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