Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sarah, Cos, and Flowers

We had another incident with Sarah. She has had a long couple of weeks. The children were out picking Agarito Berries for some jelly we are going to try and for some odd reason Sarah stuffed one up her nose. They are about the size of peas, maybe a little smaller. I guess she was really scared because she screamed like she broke her other arm. I got her to lay down on the porch and be really still while I fetched the berry with a toothpick. So now after a butterfly stitch in the head, a fractured arm, and a berry in the nostrils I hope she is done for awhile!

It has been a fun weekend here at the Ranch. We went to the annual Funtier Days here in Santa Anna. And that is not a spelling error, just a play on words. They had some gunfighters there. The children really liked that. Here are some pictures:

Then today, after another great fellowship, we had to move the cows again. We all pitched in and it took no time. Special thanks to Mr. Sifford for his cow leading abilities. I did not get any pictures but some of the other bloggers in the community did and maybe they will post them. After we got them all moved we had to capture 2 of the yearling calves and take halters off of them. That too went pretty smoothly. Special thanks on that job to Michael and his ever improving roping abilities. He roped one by the horns and one by the back foot. It was just like what you see in a rodeo!

We are all preparing for a hot dry week. No rain possibilities until Friday and the forecast is calling for highs in the upper 90's. We are still hoping and praying that we will get a good amount of rain before the dry season sets in on us. And since I love them so much I will close this post with some pictures of some flowers. The longer I live in this lifestyle the more and more I appreciate God's creation. What a blessing it is!

Have a good week!
In Christ,


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