Thursday, June 5, 2008

No Rain, It's Hot, Let's Cool Off!

Last Sunday at the end of another long hot day Michael suggested we go swimming. The Bunkers, Sustaires, Mr. woods, and Mr. Honaker went to a nearby lake. Boy, was it nice! The first few steps in the shallow water the water was warm but as the water got deeper it got cooler.
This is Mrs. Sustaire and Ella. Sarah is in the foreground.

This is the guys and the children in deeper water having fun. Mr. Sustaire just launched Mr. Honaker off of his shoulders and into the air.

Here is another shot of Mrs. Sustaire, Ella, and Sarah.

Last week the children got to do some fun art projects. They really had a great time doing them. Here are some plates they painted:
Top row from the left is Jennifer's plate. Next to that is Tracy's plate. On the bottom far left is Sarah's plate and then next to that is Robert's plate. They also made some garden stones. A couple they made for our goat Helen's grave, a couple were for Thomas' memorial tree, and a couple were just for fun. Here is one of Helen Keller's stones:

And here is one Robert made for Thomas' tree. That's the tree in the background.

You all keep praying for rain. I usually have wildflowers around Thomas' tree but this year water is scarce and so I stopped watering the wildflowers. The Lord will provide just as He always does, in His perfect timing.

In Christ,


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