Thursday, June 19, 2008

Peaches and Goats

On Monday we processed some peaches we brought back from Fredericksburg. This year we got some really good peaches. Last year when we went and visited the wildflower farm there we got some peaches that weren't as good but we still enjoyed them. Here are the peaches when we started:

Here they are all skinned and sliced up and ready to be canned:

We got 6 full pints to process in the water bath.

The children really liked the fresh peaches and are looking forward to eating the preserved peaches:

A special thanks to Tracy. She helped me get the peaches ready to can and while I was finishing the peaches she prepared the supper I had planned. After the sermon that evening I came back and canned the peaches.

We also got 2 new goats on Sunday.

The tan goat we got from Mr. Woods and the one in the background we got from the Siffords and it is the brother of the one the Antes got. No official names yet, we are still deciding.

Y'all please pray for Michael, Chris and Joseph to have a safe trip and that all goes well at the ranch while they are gone AND that we get some rain!

In Christ,


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