Monday, June 2, 2008


To repent is to turn from sin(Ezek. 14:6)... and involves a turning to God. In this turning there are three steps: sorrow for sin, hatred of sin, and a resolve to forsake sin. Sorrow for sin means:

1. Affliction of soul, the pain of a contrite heart... a godly sorrow(2Cor. 7:9-10)... a sense of having sinned against God's authority, mercy, glory, blessedness, holiness, power, truth, sovereignty, and excellencies. David Clarkson, The Works of David Clarkson, 1:25

2. Hatred for sin- where there is no indignation, no hatred, there is no real repentance.

3. Forsaking of sin; resolving never to sin again: a resolution that is not weak, partial, and relegated to a distant future. the truly peninent must be truly vigilant against temptation, stand guard, no satisfied with cutting branches, but completely uprooting the tree of evil. Clarkson, Works, 1:27-28.

Richard Sibbes encourages sinner to go to the Great Physician for the healing of the dread disease of backsliding (Hosea 14:2). He will take away:

1. The guilt of sin, which is the venom of it,by justification.

2. The rage of sin, which is the spreading of it, by sanctification.

3. The judgement upon our estate, due to sinners.

Repentance should cover far more than a general confession. We should confess the particular sin(or sins)to which we are most addicted and guilty. Let there be no dallying with sin.

I got this information from a book titled Great Themes in Puritan Preaching. It is a very well researched and written by Mariano Di Gangi.

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