Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Goathouses, Bulls and Fireworks!!!

Since my last post many things have happened. I did that post early in the morning before Michael left to go to Pennsylvania. Thank you to all of you that helped that trip happen. It was a long one for Michael and he is glad not to be doing that anymore. He used to be gone for 2-3 weeks at a time when he worked for the Prophecy Club.

Shortly after he left we had community work day and Mr. Ante, Mr. Sifford and Mr. Sustaire moved and basically rebuilt a goat house for us. Here is the finished project:
Thanks guys it looks GREAT!

We also welcomed Quitachon back to the land. He is a Longhorn bull that we had with our Longhorn cows. We returned him when we thought he was done with the herd. Since then we acquired a Holstein milk cow. She had never had a calf so we needed to solve that problem. That job is for Quitachon.

I took the children to watch some fireworks too. Aside from the Amerika worship we had a great time. They had a homemade ice cream contest. We got to buy a sample of the entries. I had birthday cake flavor and the children enjoyed the vanilla. That was some yummy ice cream!
When Michael came home he brought us a puppy. She is cute and there are some pictures on A Process Driven Life blog in today's post. Her name is Sugar and I joke that Michael named her after my one addiction! He also brought home a ministry student named Dusty.

Michael just brought in some peaches from our tree. I will be making peach preserves after I am done with the pig we got from the butcher.

Thanks to the Lord for the rain we received while Michael was gone! It made such a difference in the garden!! The amount of growth was amazing!!!!

In Christ,


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