Friday, July 25, 2008

Crossstitch, Mesquite, and Horseshoes

It's been a great week. I finished my first cross stitch project. I had started it awhile ago and I did not know anyone who knew how to cross stitch. I found the kit for $3.50 at Dollar General and thought I would give it a try. Well the instuctions weren't that good and I ended up doing it wrong, kind of. I used too many strands and when it was time to add detail by outlining things of course it was difficult because it was too tight. It was put up for a good while in my sewing bag. Then Tracy started embroidering and I saw her using less strands and realized what I had done. I was going to throw it away because I had found another inexpensive kit to try. Kris Ante talked me out of that and I worked on it some more. Then my friend, Lori, taught me how to do a French Knot and I finished it. Here it is:

I found a book that got me cross stitching again. It was at an antique store in Mason, TX and it is called Picture it in Cross Stitch. It had ideas for births, weddings, greeting cards, and family trees. I am really interested in doing a family tree soon. I am going to do another project first then on to the tree. The book shows you how to make your own pattern on graph paper and it has all kinds of cute ideas.

We have been processing a bunch of Mesquite pods. A 5 gallon bucket is filled almost everyday. We just pick them up off the ground.

Then we snap them into smaller lengths and trash any parts that aren't good. There is a wide variety of ways the pods look but, in general, if they are hard and have beans in them then we can use them.

The shorter sections can be used for a variety of uses. We are primarily using them for coffee and tea right now. They can also be ground up for flour. After we get them to this stage, we dark roast them. We are using a solar oven(borrowed from the Siffords, thanks!) and the propane oven in the children's motorhome.

After we roast them, as we need them, we grind them in a coffee grinder. Coffee drinkers tell me it tastes good. I am not really a coffee expert. I like all the stuff you add to it! For other reasons I have all but given coffee up. I need to stick with my hot tea if I want a warm drink.

OK, so here is the real reason everyone is here today. Michael posted a goofy picture of me first and claimed I was blackmailing him. Not true, like I said before, I was threatening him. Here is the video. The lady in it with Michael is his sister, Tracy.

video video

Shabbot Shalom,



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