Thursday, July 31, 2008

Long Hot Week

Wow, what a scorcher it has been this week! But I guess it is July in Texas so what else did we expect? The heat during the day is tolerable until it stops cooling down at night. And the lack of rain adds another negative to this heat. Although, everyday we go through this heat we get one day closer to fall! This heat can really interfere with the initiative to get things done but it's all good, right!?! Like the fact that laundry dries really fast in this heat! And IF you find any mud it does not last long so no need for mud shoes. And no mosquitos to worry about -no moisture! And the Mesquite pods dry out really fast! Seriously though, one thing I like about Texas is that we get a good balanced dose of all four seasons. We don't have a long winter and short summer or vice versa. And in our winter we get short spells of warm days but I guess I am partial to Texas since I have not lived anywhere else!

I ground some Mequite flour up this week and had Tracy mix it in her tortillas. It was yummy! She did a blog about it so check it out . I need to get a larger amount ground up into flour and try it in my bread.

Sarah has finally learned her letters(she will be 5 on Saturday!). It's funny, I heard that boys are tougher to teach than girls. But I had Robert reading at the age of 3 and Sarah has been a whole different student. Jennifer was reading by the time she was 4 and Tracy was 4 also I think. When she was young I had her in day care until she was 5 and I got to quit my job and start homeschooling. What a blessing that was! But Sarah Finally reached the age when things I taught her actually stayed in her memory. I knew it would finally click for her but I did not think it would take this long! She really is enjoying it too. And she really does great with her Bible memory verses. Very little practice and she's got it.

I hope you all enjoyed the video of Michael. Thanks to all of you that voted! Michael's mom sent me some pictures from the same visit and here is one of the children, Sugar our puppy, and me. Michael is not in it because I think he was perfecting the Double Ringer Dance for when Logan Ante returns!
Have a great sabbath!


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