Sunday, August 31, 2008

Another Rainy Week!!

It has been a busy week. It has been a rainy one too. I think it rained about three times this week, and we are grateful to the Lord for all of it! We have been getting used to the humidity returning too. This week Michael's father came down and helped us run some of the extension cords, we have running outside, underground. It's good to have them out of sight now and out of the elements.

We have also been trying to get the chickens to lay more eggs. The egg numbers have been going down lately. The number usually goes up when the rains come after a long drought, and we have cooler temperatures. We cleaned the chicken house thoroughly and put lots of hay in the nests. We have also been checking them more often to discourage "egg eaters." Some chickens get into the habit of eating the eggs in the nests, but I don't think we have any of those this time.

After we got everything on the porch rearranged from the work Michael's father did, I made some Mequite bread. It was really tasty! I substituted 1 cup of ground up Mesquite pods for one of the cups of white flour in a wheat bread recipe I had tried in the past. I also partially roasted the pods because raw pods have sugar that gets "gummy" in the grinder. The partial roasting helps solidify the sugar. Here is a picture of the ground mesquite pods in the freshly ground wheat:

Then I mixed all the ingredients together and had to let that rise for about an hour:

I placed about a pound of batter in each bread pan. This bread recipe is different from any I have ever tried because it makes a stiff batter in stead of a stiff dough. So the loaves are actually spooned into the bread pans. Which tends to make the loaves look different from ones you can knead and makes smooth on the top.

I also use smaller bread pans now because the propane over never thoroughly cooked the pound and a half larger pans I used to use. They were actually more of a standard size whereas the ones I use now make small loaves but they are cooked all the way through. My first attempt a 2 loaves kind of failed because the loaves fell before baking. I think the fact that the children were cleaning the motorhome at the time has much to do with it. My oven is in the motorhome and it moves around a bit when people are moving around in it.:

I got up early Saturday, put some in to rise, and baked them. The children were still asleep so the motorhome was still, and this time the bread did not fall! I was able to get a picture of only one of them since we ate the other one for breakfast:

I am hoping to make some more this week since I have to bring a bread to fellowship next weekend.

I hope you all are reading the posts on Country Mom and Debylin's blogs. They have had some thought provoking ones lately. Country Mom also has a store opened up that has some really cute stuff she has made.

You all have a blessed week,


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