Monday, August 25, 2008


OK, here are my nominations for the coveted Bunky Awards . Everyone get their acceptance speeches ready!

1. Best All-Around Agrarian Blog. This is the blog you read every day, no matter what. This is the blog you would miss the most if it were gone. This blog out to be a stand-out blog in the Christian Agrarianism field, so we want to recognize a blogger who is standing out in his field.
A Process Driven Life, he was standing out there last night shooting at varmits!

2. Most Educational or Informative Agrarian Blog. If you have a proper education and the right information, this blog award title ought to be self-explanatory. The Deliberate Agrarian

3. Best Newcomer Blog. Also self-explanatory. Sifford Sojournal

4. Blog most likely to make you look up words in the dictionary and to challenge your brainal functuosity. This award will go to the blog that most makes you have to think. A Process Driven Life

5. Best Looking Blog. Given for overall aesthetics and attractiveness. R&V Farmstead

6. Best Blog most people have probably never read or heard of. A great way for a great new blog to get some traffic! Darkwood Farm

7. Greatest Agrarian Posterboy Blog. This award will go to the blog that is most likely to make industrialized city people chuck it all and move to the country. A Process Driven Life

8. Best Children's or Young Person's Blog. For the chillens. Growing Up Agrarian

9. Blog most likely to have its owner and author arrested and/or summarily executed by the Government. You know what I'm saying.
A Process Driven Life

10. Best Feminine Blog - A great blog many fellas may not read or know about. This blog ought to be one that celebrates Christian femininity. Country Mom

And a thank you to Brandi over at Mountain Morning Homeschool
for hosting the giveaway that I won! I look forward to getting my hands on Quilts From Lavender Hill Farm: 12 Projects Inspired by Life in the Countryby Darlene Zimmerman.

In Christ,


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