Friday, August 22, 2008

New Growth, New Tricks, and New Books

Hello finally. I hope everyone had a great week! All of us here at the Ranch had a wonderful week started out by the blessed rain! It was a blessing to have to put up with all of the mud! And just a few minutes ago I killed my first mosquito! Sadly though it was INSIDE the cabin! It was a big one too! The rain stopped early in the week but I always love to see all the new growth caused by the rain. Flowers getting ready to bloom, trees growing new leaves, and plants sprouting up right out of the barren soil:

As I was walking around the land I came across the funniest thing. Our Longhorns have obviously been eating a good number of Mesquite pods because in a few of their "cow pies" there are many tiny seedling sprouting out of them. I assume they are Mequite seedlings but, who knows, I guess they could be some other plant! I hope you all can see them in this picture:

One of the many things I have learned while living the agrarian lifestyle is how beneficial rain water is to the plant life. I never really noticed before how everything comes to life so well after a good rain especially after a long drought. I knew it was beneficial but not to the extent that I notice now after leading a simpler lifestyle and seeing the spiritual lessons behind many things. Noticing these small things and slowing down enough to allow the Lord to teach you and bring you closer to Him. Appreciating His government, His commandments, and His love. All of this is so much more of a blessing than pondering the things of the world.

Sugar is doing well and getting bigger everyday. I have taught her some commands too. They are sit, shake, lie down, stay, speak, and crawl. She is a pretty smart dog. One thing I learned when I was a teenager is a trained dog is much more pleasant to be around than an untrained one. It was then that my family got an ex-show dog. He had gotten into a fight and a cut he got in the fight kept him from being in shows anymore because it was on his nose. He was a well trained dog and a joy to have in the house and take on walks. Since then all of the dogs I had were taught "dog manners". It is sort of like kids. Most of the world today does not know how to train the kids and so no one wants to be around them most of the time. Usually though, once someone sees how it is done the right way they are ready to learn how to do it the right way. But there are some who think they are just fine. I saw that this week as I got a few moments to read some other blogs. It amazed me how people were attacked when they talked about doing things the Lord's way. Stepping away from the world's ways got you accused of not having a brain, being uncultured, abusing your children by making them work and so on. And if you want to do things more simple you better not go and eat some fast food you hypocrite!

I started a book called Female Piety by John A. James. It is really good so far. So many lessons to learn that were not taught to me as a young woman. I also just finished a book called Darcy's Story. It is Pride and Prejudice(a book by Jane Austen) from Mr. Darcy's point of view instead of Elizabeth Bennet's. It was a good read too.

Shabot Shalom,
PS Michael and I have been married 16&1/2 years today!


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