Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Giveaway, Workday, and Gardens

Brandi has another great book giveaway this week. It is called, HOMEMADE from Reader's Digest, and it looks like a great book! Sounds like it has lots of great information! On top of hosting another giveaway Brandi is busy taking care of her sick son so keep them in your prayers.

We had community work day today. It was busy, fun and windy! In the morning we, the women, picked up some rocks to help some repair some of our community roads. After lunch we went to the Ante's house and worked on some mending and altering. The men worked on a few different jobs like Ms. Irby's cabin, planting some trees, and working on the Sustaire's shed. The we had a taco supper that was really good.

We have been working on our fall garden this week. With the blessing of the rain came incredible weed growth! The children & I spent all of Tuesday morning pulling weeds and hauling them to the chickens. The chickens really enjoyed all that grass. Praise the Lord that the ground was still moist which made the weeds easier to pull!

Here are some homeschool articles to read.

In Christ,

Some good news for the homeschoolers in CA:
On August 8, the Second District Court of Appeals in Los Angeles reversed its February 28 ruling that made California's 166,000 home schoolers truants from the public school system. In order to homeschool legally under that ruling, all parents who wanted to teach their own children would have to have been credentialed teachers. The reversal came after a huge public outcry from citizens, the governor of California, and the state school superintendent.
Read the Article

Bad news for Brazilian homeschoolers(How many is that?LOL!)
MINAS GERAIS, BRAZIL, August 18, 2008 ( -
"Two homeschooled children face a battery of tests this week in a showdown between the Brazilian government and a Christian family over the educational rights of parents in the South American nation.
"The children of Cleber and Bernadeth Nunes have already passed the entrance exams for law school at the ages of 13 and 14, but that doesn't satisfy the Brazilian government, which has been trying to force them into its troubled school system since 2006.
"After over a year of battling authorities for the right to home school their children, the Nunes' two prodigies will be tested on a variety of subjects to prove that their parents are not guilty of 'intellectual abandonment,' a legal term that indicates that one has not fulfilled the obligation of providing for the education of one's children."

Read the article


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