Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Laundry Tips

It has been another rainy week here at the Ranch and today we started really thinking about Ike coming through here and dropping more rain. These storms are so unpredictable but this one does seem like it is going to be an intense one.

Michael posted some really good articles last week. One on anonymous internet cowards and one on separatism as a fundamental principal. You all really ought to read them, they are really great articles!

With all the rain we have had this week one chore I did not get done is hand wash. I usually try to get it done on Monday or Wednesday. I have, through trial and error, come up with a system that works. I have learned many things about doing laundry and especially doing laundry by hand. One of the most helpful things I have learned recently is how valuable prewash or presoak can be. It really helps get tough stains out of the clothing. So now I presoak most of my hand wash laundry. When I first started doing laundry by hand I had only 2 buckets, one wash & one rinse. Now I have gone to 4; a presoak, a wash, and 2 rinses. I also use a washboard(from Lehmans) and wringer. Sarah, my 5 year old, really gets her dresses dirty and the only way to get them clean is to hand wash each one and give it a good scrubbing. I also use either Fels Naptha or Zote soap. They both do real well removing spots and whitening whites. And the girls and I wear white headcoverings and the Zote has brightened them up since I started using it. The Zote is less expensive that the Fels Naptha too. I also use vinegar in my rinse water as a natural softener. Here are some pictures I took of the laundry I did one morning:

Over the years I have also learned some things about hanging the clothes out properly. I usually turn them inside out so the sun does not fade the outside colors. Things like Sarah's dresses take 2 clothes pins at the shoulder:

The shirts and light towels I hang can be hung together to save on the number of clothes pins I use. I also hang the shirts upside down so I don't get the clothes pin marks at the shoulder of the shirt. They are less noticeable at the bottom of the shirt:

I hang Michael and Robert's pants inside out and upside down too. But I have not gone to washing them at home. I do need a bigger wash basin for those large items as well as stronger arms and more water!

I will be trying to do some hand washing tomorrow. I will post more pictures of the process then. Oh, also I will post some pictures of the surprise that was waiting for me Thursday morning as I started to prepare breakfast.

Tracy and I have been canning bacon and brisket this week too. Tracy also made some yummy sugar cookies too! No picture though, they went too fast!!

Keep all the people in the path of Ike in your prayers. The Lord's will be done but I hope it is not a devastating storm for us or the citizens of the Texas coast.

Reforming Daily,


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