Sunday, November 9, 2008

Still Canning

Well, now that October has come and gone I thought I would post and let you know what is going on here... ready?... canning. Although October was busy because of Ranchfest too. The Thursday after it officially ended we got our pig and Longhorn steer back from the butcher. We have also been canning produce from our fall garden. Mrs. Peck over at My Journey to Separation was visiting and helped me with the canning. Together, in 5 days, we got all of the pig finished except for the fat rendering and the broth made from the leftover bones. She was a great help! Thank you Debbie! And as always thanks to Tracy and the other ladies in the community for either their time, the use of their equipment or both! In a week we were able to can 129 quarts and 27 pints. I am canning the Longhorn ground beef this week. I used the meat in a batch of chili and canned it. I am also going to can some taco meat using the ground beef. Maybe some other recipes too. We got 70 pounds of ground beef alone. Lots of meat! For the first time we got the beef fat back too. So, I am going to learn how to render beef fat too.

Last Wednesday was community work day. In the morning the ladies worked together to move a big rock in the road. The last stages of the process were caught on video and posted on the Ranch Weekly. Go visit that blog to see some of the fun we had with that! In the afternoon we met at the Ante's and mended, altered, or worked on current projects. It was a fun time. The men worked on getting Michael's books out of storage and into his almost finished office.

It will be another week of canning. We will also be canning more pork in the near future. Michael is working on getting more pork. Check his blog out for up coming details.

Here is a butterfly the children found on Saturday. It is a Black Swallowtail. The children knew immediately what it was because we often play Butterfly Bingo. It is a fun game that Aunt Tracy sent us. We have learned how to identify many different butterflies and had fun doing it. While Debbie Peck was visiting she gave us Yahtzee. I had not played that game since I was a child(yes they had it WAY back then!). We have had fun with that game too. We have been playing lots of games lately because Michael found a few in storage while he was moving his books this week.

Have a great week,
"If thou canst believe, all things are possible to him that believeth." Mark 9:23


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